This one of a kind festivalis a fantastic opportunity in showcasing emerging fashion trends and musical connects from across the world, and it will greatly allow you to promote your brand to fashion-minded individuals, entertainment big wigs, media and people in a very unique way. UNKNOWN is a show that has gathered a lot of amazing reviews over the last year and we keep going higher and brighter. This year we are committed to making Unknown not just the year’s most successful show, but our greatest show ever! To accomplish the task, we need help from supportive sponsors like you. In return for you generous financial support of our festival, we will promote your brand in our high converting marketing campaigns, promotional materials, during the show, and in post-show communications. These promotions will benefit you by increasing brand awareness amongst a target audience of thousandsof people. We greatly appreciate you taking the time to review our sponsorship request. As always, our success depends on partnership with brands like yours, and we are proud to have served as a valuable marketing partner for years. . We look forward to partnering with you to make our festivala success!



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