UNKNOWN has fused together two of the fastest growing industries in the world of fashion and music into one extraordinary and exclusive festival experience. We have a stellar selection of up-and-coming artists from Canada performing. We will have 4 main runways showcasing both Canadian and international designers during the performances. Throughout the venue we will have models showing off the designers’ clothing, which will be highlighted by spotlights. In secluded areas of the venue, we will have vendors for each designer set up, giving attendees the opportunity to purchase the clothing featured in the show. At its core, UKNOWN is devoted to attendee interaction and engagement. We will have displays set up throughout the venue to have their senses heightened at every turn. Our festival will have hologram stations, boa constrictor snakes to have photos taken with, magicians walking around entertaining, and interactive displays for our event partners that really give the attendees a hands-on experience with their products. On top of all this, we have put together a production for the main stage that will take your breath away by introducing technology from Europe that has never been used in North America before.

We pride ourselves as the only festival-oriented platform that infuse top fashion weeks with musical shows and gigs. A unique approach which makes us outstanding from everybody else.

Experience senses like never seen before !


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